TERES S.r.l.s. was founded by three engineers who operated for years in different industrial sectors. They wanted to create a new company which added value comes from the combination of different individuals' competences and experience.

Technological innovation is therefore the key element to development, giving the highest priority to the economic parameters and the required time for the products to access the market. An efficient innovation from all points of view, which adds an effective and significant value.


TERES S.r.l.s. offers its competence as a modern and dedicated Technical Office (engineering services). Thanks to our experience and the use of tools and advanced computational methodologies, we support our clients throughout the whole project, from the planning and management to detailled technical aspects.


The shareholders of TERES S.r.l.s are engineers with decades experience in design, research & development and management of complex projects. They have knowledge in the design of products and innovative plants, together with long established skills in the finite element analysis and generally the computer-aided design. They have international curricular experience in design and research and development, particularly on special, polymeric and composit materials, and their production and processing technology. They have experience in the management of complex projects for leading multinational companies operating in the industrial and energy field as well. Our flagship is the design, plants prototyping, innovative products, associated validation and testing processes, and operation of plants, mainly dedicated to waste-to-energy and renewable energy sources.


TERES S.r.l.s. believes that research is at the root of any innovation and design is the key instrument, without which the idea would be an end to itself. The need of the market to have turnkey products requires a wide spectrum of skills. TERES meets this need, thanks to its transversal competencies. Our mission is providing search for innovative solutions, which combine the customer's vision of technological development with their feasibility and cost-effectiveness.